Thursday, August 02, 2007

Nice Things People Are Saying About The New Website


While it's true that at Zoto we don't usually go around tooting our own horns, we are always gratified to read the positive things people write about the newly redesigned version of our website (this is especially true when you consider the fact that we haven't been advertising or seeking any press for months). Here are some nice snippets I've come across lately.

Stewart Butterfield (Co-founder of

"Zoto's recent redesign with all ajax photo pages was really cool and well done - quite zippy and something that created a great experience for photo uploaders and viewers."

From :

Killer Startups

"Unlike other photo sharing services, Zoto zeros in on powerful application-like features so that you can organize, store, and share each and every one of your photos online. Zoto features the latest technology to deliver you fast results."

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Webdev 2.0

"Zoto is the best way to share and organize your photos. Zoto's site works like a desktop photo sharing application, letting you quickly share your favorite photos with friends and family, and making sure they are all securely stored."


BG's Blog

"I’m really impressed with Zoto Photo Sharing. It does just about everything that I want it to do, and a lot more besides. I’ve had accounts with Flickr, Zooomr, Photobox and some others, but they don’t match Zoto when it comes to flexibility.

Features that I’m particularly impressed with are:

  • Options for setting the order of pics (by date/time taken, date/time uploaded, title, an exif parameter etc.);
  • Options for setting the number and size of thumbnails for each album;
  • The facility to group pics into multiple albums, and to group albums into multiple sets;
  • Options for setting display colours and template colours (Background, text, link, link hover, border etc.), these can be set independently for each album;
  • The bulk uploader;
  • The options for setting permissions;
  • Bulk editing for things like dates, tags, text, privacy, moving pics between albums etc.;
  • The overall ease of use."
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Funkmaster Fish's Big Bad Blog

"Zoto offers a wide variety of features to its members such as drag-n-droppable homepages, sortable liquidized light-boxes, highly customizable albums, 50% larger image detail photos, extremely fast photo tagging, powerful photo searching, unlimited storage, and no advertisements."

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"Zoto, the photo-sharing service, will launch version 3.0 tomorrow...The new stuff includes a new logo, a pretty new interface and plenty of slick ajaxy features - in fact, the whole site has been rebuilt from scratch with some big improvements."

Lo-fi Librarian

"Very pretty and customisable photo hosting, options to upgrade to a paid account, widgets available and zoto uploader can be used to upload bulk lots of pics."


The new Zoto has been a labor of love that has been in progress for the past year and 1/2 and everyone on the team has put in so much time and hard work. It's nice to be acknowledged. So thanks, guys.

Take a 2 week test drive of Zoto at:

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Butterfield talked us up? That's awesome. Seeing this feedback is very refreshing.

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