Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cake goes well with iPod

cake goes well with iPod
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Newly obsessed with taking photos of my iPod screen. I even started a group on a flickr: I *heart* my iPod

Am I the only one who sees the deeply emotive power of a photo of an iPod?

Ok, somebody stop me. I'm whacky and out of control. The really funny part is that I'm the only member. Truthfully, half of this is for my own entertainment and the other half is research for the new Zoto interface. R&D. Yup.

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Free ipod converter. (Now it's easy to transform that pesky .avi into an iPod friendly format)

Back up your iPod (In case you upgrade and need to transfer music from one iPod to another) It saves your playlists! WooHoo. Fairly affordable and worth every penny.

Geniuses at digg say it's easy to get songs off your iPod.(maybe I didn't have to spend any money after all...)

Rip dvd's to iPod. Simple and free.

Lyrics to Cake's "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps"

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