Thursday, July 06, 2006

Firefly on iPod

firefly on iPod
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Yet another silly photo of my iPod screen. It seems someone has decided to join my flickr group. However, I am still the only one posting photos (sigh). The other flickr group I started (the dog ate my "fill in the blank") is fairing a little better.

In other geek related news, I discovered a new service that I *do not* recommend ( From what I can tell you basically pay for this service in exchange for a free BitTorrent client and a link to some software to help you convert files to an iPod compatible format. Um...hello? I could have done that on my own. I felt mislead by the site and emailed them to ask for my money back. Fortunately they quickly issued a refund. Thank goodness. But it still makes me feel a little annoyed. I guess if you can sell air on Ebay...

I'm also looking for an .asx converter or player that is Mac compatible. I recently strolled over to (A sci-fi project created by BSG actor Richard Hatch) and realized that none of the clips are Mac compatible. An email to the webmaster came back returned. I have been surprised that a Mac compatible player or a converter has proven so difficult to find. I finally gave up and ordered the comic book. Website 1, Me 0 (minus a few dollars for the comic).

I've finally updated my resume. It only took about 20 revisions after I discovered typo after typo after typo (grrr...arrgg). I've gone back to a more traditional typeface but I'm not sure if it's industry appropriate. I've read that san serifs are more typically used by professionals in technology related fields. I've also tried to keep it as simple and brief as possible. A colleague told me once that ideally a resume should never be longer than one page. Now I just need to take the time to find my files and get my portfolio site online...Or I could try establishing a career taking photos of my iPod screen and my dog.

Not So Related linkage: Two words. Silly. Pointless.

Captain Reynolds in a kilt? Shiny.

Firefly bloopers

*Learn chinese with Firefly? Strange but true.

Firefly lyrics? Why the heck not.


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